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Always register early for the SAT (and ACT for that matter) 0 Erin Billy
Most common SAT essay mistakes: How to refer to the author 0 Erin Billy
SAT Study Plan 0 Erin Billy
Where to download official SAT practice tests 0 Erin Billy
Congrats to the class of 2017! 0 Erin Billy
RIF: Reading is Fundamental 0 Erin Billy
UC Berkeley and UC San Diego waitlist decisions are coming out! 0 Erin Billy
UC Berkeley transfer decisions are out now! #2016 0 Erin Billy
2015 Summer Courses Now Enrolling! 0 Annie Liu
Server maintenance on Thursday 6/26 0 Eva Mah
Server maintenance completed 0 Eva Mah
Upcoming College Admissions & Personal Statements Seminars (for rising 11th-12th graders) 0 Annie Liu
2013-2014 Winter Propel course is open. Enroll now! 0 Connie Leong
Upcoming College Admissions Seminar and Admissions Essay Workshops 0 Annie Liu
TestMagic's annual Summer Picnic! 0 Connie Leong
Update: Upcoming Millbrae College Admissions Seminar 0 Connie Leong
Upcoming College Admissions Seminar! 0 Connie Leong
TestMagic online learning system has been upgraded! 0 Erin Billy
Summer 2013 and Spring SAT Omnia 0 Connie Leong
TestMagic Winter Break Holiday (Closed) 0 Connie Leong
Enroll in our 2012-13 Winter Propel class! 0 Connie Leong
Upcoming November Refresher Class and Admissions Essay Review! 0 Connie Leong
Upcoming Admissions Essay Workshop! 0 Connie Leong
You are all invited to the TestMagic Picnic!!! 0 Ruby Lin
Happy 4th, everybody! 1 Sharon Hui
Some SAT essay tips for you: First, don't say "kid" unless you mean "goat". (Open to read more) 0 Erin Billy
College Admissions Seminar June 2012 0 Phoenix Wu
SAT Spring Propel 2012 0 Annie Liu
College Admissions Seminar March 2012 0 Annie Liu
SAT Refresher Help This Week! 0 Annie Liu
Deadline to Submit Summer Awards 2011 SAT Scores 1/7/2012 0 Annie Liu
Deadline to register for the January 2012 is December 30, 2011! 0 Erin Billy
SAT Winter Propel 2011 0 Annie Liu
Upcoming Seminars in September and October! 0 Annie Liu
End-of-Summer 2011 Picnic 7/30/2011 0 Annie Liu
How to improve your vocabulary! Must read! 0 Erin Billy
Open House 4/23/11 (Geary) and 4/30/11 (Millbrae) 0 Annie Liu
When would you like to start your summer SAT prep with TestMagic? 0 Erin Billy
TestMagic Millbrae is now open! 0 Erin Billy
T-shirts are on their way! 1 Crystal Tse
Making things pretty 1 Crystal Tse
Welcome to TestMagic Online! 0 Erin Billy