💵 It's true: Writing well leads to career success (and more money)

    by Erin Billy -

    The back of a woman looking at the sky before herThere’s a lot of talk these days about how tech companies are struggling to find enough qualified workers. They’re looking for people who can code, of course, but they’re also looking for people who can think critically and solve problems.

    The reason for this is simple: the most successful tech companies are the ones that are constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas. They need employees who can not only execute on those ideas, but who can also help generate them in the first place.

    If you’re thinking about a career in tech, or if you’re already working in the industry, it’s important to remember that your ability to think critically and solve problems is just as important as your technical skills. The most successful companies are the ones that are constantly looking for new ways to improve, and they need employees who can help them do that.

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